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  • What is ODIN?

    This title is an acronym for "Open Disk Imager in a Nutshell". Its main purpose is to back up information within an existing hard drive by creating a duplicate "image". This is useful in the event that you are concerned about a system crash or if you have sensitive data that requires an extra level of redundancy.

  • Is ODIN free for me to download?

    While this is a very powerful software package, you will be happy to learn that there are no fees associated with a standard download. This is also a wise alternative if you do not wish to pay for similar third-party backup applications.

  • Is ODIN safe and free from viruses?

    The developers of this bundle perform regular upgrades to address common issues such as bugs and potential security issues. Additionally, Softonic checks all software for viruses before making it available to our clients.

  • How much memory will ODIN require?

    You will need to possess a minimum of 369.20 kilobytes of free hard drive space in order to install this program. Thanks to such a small size, it is not likely that you will experience any performance issues.

  • Can ODIN send my files to an external storage system?

    While you are able to transfer an image of a hard drive to another computer, this bundle also provides you with the option to store this information onto a CD or a DVD. Many users prefer to have this type of hard copy in the event of a system crash. What changes are associated with the most recent version of ODIN

  • Will I be able to compress image files with ODIN?

    If necessary, you will be able to compress the disk image file in order to save space without being concerned about a loss of information. It is also possible to split the disk image into segments for unique storage and transfer requirements.

  • What operating systems are supported by ODIN?

    This application has been designed to work together with Windows-based operating systems. If you are looking for a similar system for iOS devices, please browse through the additional options offered by Softonic.

  • How do I install ODIN?

    You can download the latest variant (version directly through Softonic. Clicking on the link will take you to a separate page. The download should complete automatically and you will be notified when it has completed. There is a mirror link in the event that the original one is not available.

  • Can I restore a hard drive to its original state using ODIN?

    There are two main options offered by this bundle. You can either back up your files or completely restore the hard drive. If you choose the latter, be CERTAIN that you have saved your important details to a different location (they could otherwise be permanently deleted). Please read the technical specifications for more information.